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Aaron B. Waxman, MD, PhD
Associate Physician, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Department of Medicine
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

Research Location: Peter Bent Brigham

Phone: 617-525-9733 or 732-7420
Fax: 617-264-6873 or 732-7421

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Research Narrative:

The unifying theme for my research activities is pulmonary vascular disease. My research focuses on the pulmonary vascular remodeling that reflects a common pathway leading to right heart failure. My own basic research has focused on the inflammatory mechanisms of vascular remodeling.  Using a transgenic animal that overproduces IL-6 in the lung, I have shown that IL-6 type cytokines alter pathways that regulate cell death/proliferation; IL-6 signaling can regulate the balance of cell death proteins, which in turn alter mitochondrial structure/permeability/function; the IL-6 mouse model replicates most of the features of human pulmonary arterial hypertension. These findings provided insight into the pathologic changes now recognized as key features of PVD. As a direct extension of our animal work, we have characterized abnormalities of inflammatory mediators and oxygen extraction in patients with PAH and have ongoing studies suggesting that a component of dyspnea in these patients is related to mitochondrial dysfunction. Using invasive CPET we have begun to examine the response of the diseased pulmonary vascular bed to exercise and alterations in the transpulmonary flux of inflammatory mediators and metabolites to better understand the pathways responsible for the physiologic findings, with particular attention paid to interactions between the skeletal muscle mitochondria and the pulmonary vasculature. We have shown that patients with PAH have impaired system O2 extraction during exercise and delayed phosphocreatine recovery following exercise, both consistent with a mitochondrial defect underlying exercise intolerance PAH.

Yale University School of Medicine, 1992, MD
Albany Medical College, 1987, PhD

Additional News:

Publications (Pulled from Harvard Catalyst Profiles):

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