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Francine Laden, SCD
Associate Epidemiologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Department of Medicine
Channing Division of Network Medicine
75 Francis Street
Boston, MA 02115

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Harvard School of Public Health, 1998, SCD

Publications (Pulled from Harvard Catalyst Profiles):

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6. Gaskins AJ, Mínguez-Alarcón L, Fong KC, Awad YA, Di Q, Chavarro JE, Ford JB, Coull BA, Schwartz J, Kloog I, Attaman J, Hauser R, Laden F. Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution, Supplemental Folate Intake, and Live Birth Among Women Undergoing Assisted Reproduction. Am J Epidemiol. 2019 Jun 26.

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